A Welcome Letter from the Vice Provost of International Initiatives:

Welcome to The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Office of ESL Services. UTSA is one of the fastest growing universities in Texas with a reputation for excellence that is recognized worldwide.

I am here to raise UTSA’s international profile and reputation by building bridges between UTSA and top institutions around the world, and facilitating university-wide initiatives essential to international education, research and outreach.

UTSA is busy preparing our students to become global citizens. We do this by providing them the opportunity to learn in a diverse and globally integrated educational setting. In addition, we strive to ensure that every UTSA student is given the opportunity to travel and study in other countries.

As a designated Hispanic-Serving Institution in San Antonio, Texas, we harbor a natural, close identification and affection for our international neighbors in Latin America. As a demographer and former undersecretary of population, migration and religious affairs in the Ministry of the Interior in Mexico, I am both honored and proud to facilitate and promote UTSA international initiatives and collaborations with all of our wonderful neighbors to the South.

At the same time, UTSA recognizes that we all live in a big world made up of many countries, each offering incredible opportunities for advancing our academic excellence, research, and international outreach goals. In this light, UTSA has garnered an impressive and proven record of global-wide engagement across all areas of academic study and research, while establishing more than 70 formal and active international agreements with international universities and institutions located around the world. UTSA offers many academic programs and services that will support and enhance your international educational goals, programs, and research endeavors.

I invite you to come and collaborate with us.

René Zenteno
Vice Provost for International Initiatives

ESL Services Staff:


Lauren Heather
Assistant Director of ESL Services
MS 2.01.08B



Blanca Pokorney
Program Coordinator
MS 3.02.07




Stacy Montana
Administrative Associate I





Stephanie Robinson
Administrative Assistant





Rose Marie Reyez
Senior Administrative Associate

Diane Palomo
Administrative Associate II

Alex Garibay
Administrative Associate I