What to Expect

You will be placed in one of the 6 levels of English study offered based on the results of your placement test: Foundation, Beginner, High Beginner, Intermediate, High Intermediate, and Advanced.

Class size is approximately 15 students. We hold our classes on both the Main Campus and Downtown Campus in the morning and afternoon. Experienced instructors who hold M.A. degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language will be your teacher and support you throughout your ESL classes.

We will keep track of your progress and provide you with an evaluation at mid-term and at the end of the semester. These evaluations are based on class participation, homework, quizzes, tests, reports, and effort. Attendance to your classes is mandatory, according to The University of Texas at San Antonio and the Department of Homeland Security regulations.


Fall 2018

Orientation Week: August 13-17, 2018

First day of class: August 21, 2018

Final day to register: September 6, 2018

Last day of class: December 6, 2018


Spring 2019

Orientation Week: January 7-January 11, 2019

First day of class: January 14, 2019

Final day to register: January 30, 2019

Last day of class: April 30, 2019


Summer 2019

Orientation Week: May 21-25, 2019

First day of class: May 28, 2019

Final day to register: June 12, 2019

Last day of class: August 6, 2019

Hear what other students have to say about the program

I had a wonderful experience with the Intensive Language Program. I feel more prepared and less stressed because the IEP helped me with my English. Plus, I like San Antonio and UTSA because I can meet people from all over the world.
Iskander, Kazakhstan

I learned a lot of things here in the United States. Before I came here, I didn’t know English - only the basic words - and IEP helped me progress to understand everything better. I also loved to learn about the Texas culture. IEP helped me understand things better here. I love Texas now! UTSA has people here from every country and they are very open to us.
Orcidio, Angola

Instruction Focuses on these areas
  • Reading / Vocabulary

    You will learn the definitions and contextual uses of many different words. Some may sound the very similar, but have small differences in their spellings and pronunciations.

  • Writing / Grammar

    You will learn to apply a wide array of advanced vocabulary to writing assignments.

  • Oral Communication

    You will learn how to speak the English language fluently with ease. There are many nuances to the English language that are not easily understood by just reading a textbook.

  • TOEFL Preparation

    (Test of English as a Foreign) We will test the skills you have obtained over the course of this ESL program.

Proficiency Scale

Student may be placed in any of the 6 levels of English study currently offered based on results of a placement test: Foundation, Beginner, High Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.


Requirements for the IEP


UTSA IEP age requirment

Must be 17 years old by the first day of class.

UTSA IEP age requirment

Must submit a photocopy of current passport and visa (if applicable).

UTSA IEP age requirment

Must be a high school graduate or equivalent.

UTSA IEP age requirment

Must submit a bank statement showing that you have at least $12,174.00 to pay educational expenses.

Approximate Cost Per Semester

(prices are subject to change)

Tuition and Fees
Application Fee$45.00
University Fees$512.10
Living Expences
One year (Summer, Fall, Spring)$9,200.00
One Semester (Fall or Spring) $3,500.00
Meal Plan
One Semester (Fall, or Spring)$1,900.00
Other Mandatory Expenses
Heath Insurance Spring & Summer 2019$1,667.00
Personal Expenses$1,000.00

*Please note that students who enroll in the Spring semesters will automatically be charged heath insurance for Spring and Summer

Financial Assistance

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