FAQs about the Accent Modification Program

Q: What is Accent Modification?  

A: Accent modification, also known as accent reduction or accent correction, is the method of modifying one’s accent to produce more natural English, understand natural English and predict the sounds, rhythms, and melodies needed for clear effective communication.


Q: Who should enroll in this course?   

A: This course is for advanced non-native speakers of English who have studied and spoken English for many years and who use English in a professional and or international setting. These speakers want and need to fine tune problems in their speech to be able to speak more clearly. Anyone who uses English skills in professional settings such as preparing a lecture, participating in department meetings, conferences, seminars, and so on will benefit from the skills taught in this course.


Q: What  will  I  learn in this class?  

A: The course is focused on developing English rhythm and melody as well as clear speech through knowledge of the rules about the way English pronunciation works and various online exercises. You will learn about all the speech sounds of English as well as the rules for syllable stress and intonation of words, among many more topics. Once you finish the course, you will not only have the linguistic tools and strategies you need to continue to improve your speech, but also an increased confidence in your command of English.


Q: What makes UTSA Accent Modification different?  

A: The course methodology and curriculum are the products of many years of expertise in speech training techniques. This course does not teach the rules of grammar in English, but rather focuses on how to make yourself understood by native speakers of English. The focus is on practical communication for speakers that need to use English regularly.


Q: Do I receive a certificate upon completion of this course?  

A: All participants who complete the course will receive a certificate specifying the number of hours of study as well as the participant’s level of achievement in the course.


Q: How do I register for the course?  

A: This class is for advanced speakers of English. You will be required to submit a self-evaluation along with your online registration form. After reviewing your form we will determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this course and our office will confirm a date and time for your speech assessment. Payment for the course will be conducted online.


Q: How do I access the course?  

A: The course will be conducted completely online. After entering the course, participants will receive a login to access Blackboard Learn, our online educational platform. Class meetings will be conducted via Zoom through Blackboard Learn.


Q: How much does it cost?  

A: At this time the essential package is offered at a discounted rate at $1000.00, originally a $1200.00 value. This includes speech assessment, Accent Modification Course, online workbook, personalized speech profile, listening diagnostic, post-class evaluation, and a certificate upon completion.
The platinum package is currently offered at $1500.00, originally a $1700.00 value. This includes all components of the essential package as well as exclusive private tutoring sessions, a personalized plan for future improvement according to native language, and extended access to all class recordings two months after the end of your session.

Q: I can’t make the class time anymore. What is the refund policy?   

A: Refunds and withdrawals are processed according to the following rules:

  • A full refund (minus $100 processing fee) will be processed when an email request to withdraw from a class is received more than five business days prior to the start of the class
  • A 75% refund (minus $100 processing fee) is processed if withdrawal from class is within five business days from the start date. ESL Services must receive an email request to withdraw no later than 12pm (Central Time) on the last day before the start of the class

Please send your request to withdraw to eslservices@utsa.edu.

Full refunds are NOT allowed once classes have started.

Refunds are processed ONLY in the format payment was received. Payments made by credit cards will be refunded ONLY to the card used for payment.