FAQs about the Intensive English Program

Q: Do you offer financial aid?

A: Because we are a non-credit program, students do not qualify for financial aid.

However, we do accept other forms of financial assistance. For example, we can accept a financial guarantee or sponsorship letter if you are going to be sponsored by your government, an agency or an employer.

In addition to that, you may qualify for the “Refer a Friend Tuition Discount.”

Q: How do I apply?

A: Click on Apply Today and then “Submit New Application.”

You will also need to submit:

  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photocopy of visa (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of I-20 (if transferring)
  • Photocopy of recent bank statement (within last 6 months) translated into English showing minimum balance of $12,648.00
  • Affidavit Form (can be downloaded at the end of the online application)
Q: Can I apply if I am considered a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident?

A: Yes. Submit an online application and provide proof of citizenship or Permanent Resident status.

Q: How does the program work?

A: Our fall and spring semesters are approximately 14 weeks with 20 hours of study per week. Our summer semesters are approximately 10 weeks with 28 hours of study per week. We have three levels of study and instruction focuses within these areas:

  • Reading/Vocabulary
  • Writing/Grammar
  • Oral Communication

New students attend orientation one week prior to the start of each semester. During orientation week, students take the placement test, which will determine the level of study in which they are placed. Each level takes one semester to complete.

Q: How long is the program?

A: From level three to level five, the program could take one year to complete. However, the level in which you are placed determines how long your personal program will be. Your placement test results will determine your level of English.

Q: Can I study with a tourist visa?

A: No. If you have a tourist visa, you will need to request a change in visa status to the F-1 visa. We can assist you in processing the Form I-20, which you will need to take with you to your nearest U.S. Consulate or Embassy to request the F-1 student visa.

Q: Can I transfer to your school?

A: Yes. Please submit your application and as long as you are in good standing, your SEVIS number can be transferred to our program once you submit all the required documents to complete the application process.

Q: How can I pay the application fee?

A: The application fee will be charged once you arrive for the semester.

Q: How can I make the tuition payment?

A: You will pay tuition after arriving for the semester, completing a placement exam and all the other requirements prior to registration. The ESL office will then register you and fees will appear in your student account. At this point, you can make a payment online if using a credit card or electronic check or in-person at the Fiscal Services office on campus if paying in cash. Our staff will assist you in understanding the process for making this payment during orientation.


  • U.S. permanent residents and citizens do not need to provide a bank statement. All you need to apply is a completed application and a copy of your U.S. passport or resident card (green card). If you do not have this, a birth certificate and valid official photo ID such as a driver’s license should suffice. Check with ESL staff if you are unsure about the form of ID that you submitted.
  • If you are a student bringing a dependent, you will need, in addition to the requirements, a passport, visa, and I-20 copies (if applicable) of your dependents. Also, your bank statement will need to show $5,000 for a spouse and/or $3,000 per child in addition to the minimum balance required.
  • If you will be sponsored by SACM, WAMS, etc., you will need to submit, in addition to the requirements, the SACM Sponsorship Form (can be found in the “Application” folder of the semester).
  • F-2 students do not need to provide a bank statement. However, you do need to provide the photocopy of your sponsor’s (F-1) passport, visa, and I-20 so we can verify that their status is current.